Hardware Store Business Loans

Gone are the days of the town hardware store that you would see all your neighbors at on Sunday afternoon, thrown aside by the big box giants. But there are still independent hardware stores that still have a steady customer base but have not been able to get their store to the next level. The cost of rent, personnel, and inventory can make it impossible to gather a large sum of cash you are free to invest in a new sign, marketing or expanding your space. These kinds of investments are necessary to grow and let you be MORE than the hardware store locals visit to make a statement against the big store. You want people want to go to your shop because you offer the kind of service a big store can’t. You need a Hardware Store Business Loan.

That is precisely where Tigerlyfe Capital Solutions can help you. We aren’t looking for desperate or struggling stores, we are looking for businesses like yours that are doing well, minimum $10,000 gross per month, and want to help you get to $35,000 and up and up! We don’t ask for ANY personal collateral, it is strictly done through your business so we are taking all the risk because WE BELIEVE IN YOU. Simply send your last 3 months of business bank statements and we can lend quickly up to 100% of the monthly average gross revenue. Start the process below or call us at (877) 671-3750 and speak to a representative.


Tigerlyfe Capital

The team at Tigerlyfe Capital Solutions has more than 15 years combined experiences in the financial industry. We’ve funded small businesses with tens of millions of dollars, and we’re growing rapidly. Our approval process is simple, quick and hassle-free. We can have a cash infusion in your bank account within 2-5 business days. Within 24 hours of your application submission, a national funding specialist will contact you with funding solutions.

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